Brilliant triumph of “Superman” López in the queen stage of the Vuelta

Jan 27, 2023 | 0 comments

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Great work of the continental cyclists first in the escape and then in the definition | Photography: Vuelta a San Juan

Repeating the good performances of the four previous stages, the Continental cyclists went looking for the stage almost from the beginning, since shortly after starting from Chimbas, there were seven cyclists who posed the first challenge of the day, six of which were Continental.

Emiliano Contreras (Chimbas I Love You), Leandro Messineo (Chimbas I Love You), Laureano Rosas (Sports Guilds – Cutral Có), Alejandro Quilci (Sports Guilds – Cutral Có), Gerardo Tivani (AV Fátima – San Juan Biker – Electro 3), Christofer Jurado (Panama is Culture and Values) were those brave men who decided to put on a show, which is why Tivani and Rosas were the owners of the flying goals and the Panamanian Jurado took over the first two Mountain Goals.

But this stage is where the appearance of the “beetles” was expected, the natural climbers, who are Colombians and the prediction did not fail and in the end, four of the first five were of that nationality. The definition began with six km to go and Miguel Ángel “Superman” López, from Team Medellín – EPM, from a Continental team, won the stage without anyone challenging him for first place, surpassing his compatriots, members of World Tour teams.

Now, with two stages to go, a UCI Continental cyclist, “Superman” López is the new leader in the general classification of the Vuelta a San Juan, a pride for this category, taking into account the value of the teams present and there is also exposed the high level of cyclists from this part of the world who have been doing a great competition.

Highlighting the 8th place in the stage and the promotion to 7th place overall of a Colombian who runs for a Continental team from San Juan, César Nicolás Paredes, from SEP San Juan. Good performance by Leandro Messineo, always the protagonist, reaching 13th place in the stage and 20th overall and Juan Pablo Dotti, who occupies 22nd place after five stages.

The sixth stage will be held this Tuesday, starting from Route 40 in front of the Vicente Chancay velodrome at 4:08 p.m., arriving at the same place after traveling 144.9 kilometers.

Photographs: Brillante triunfo de “Superman” López en la etapa reina de la Vuelta


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