Juan Pablo Dotti, the best placed Continental, rose to third place overall

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Laureano Rosas was the best located when arriving at Barreal, with 9th place in the stage.

Used to being part of the breakaways in each stage disputed, the Continentals were no exception on this day and several of them were present at the escape of the peloton, a few kilometers after the fourth stage began at the San Juan Villicum Circuit. They were: Rafael Lourenço (APF AP HOTELS & RESORT – TAVIRA (POR), Juan Pablo Dotti (-SEP S.E.P. SAN JUAN), Leonardo Cobarrubia (-SEP S.E.P. SAN JUAN), Carlos Salgueiro (APF AP HOTELS & RESORT – TAVIRA, Gerardo Tivani (VFA VIRGEN DE FATIMA), Alexis Quinteros (TBG TEAM BANCO GUAYAQUIL), Laureano Rosas (-EGD GREMIOS X DEPORTE-CUTRAL CÓ), Brayan Sánchez (-MED TEAM MEDELLIN – EPM (COL).

However, as usually happens, the escape does not reach the end and at the average of 100 km, the group broke up to be left with nine cyclists in front who a few kilometers later would be overtaken by a group of over thirty cyclists and that peloton would arrive together. at the end of the stage.

Laureano Rosas, from the Gremios por el Deporte – Cutral Có team, was the best, located at the finish line in Barreal, taking ninth place, being the only Continental in the top ten. However, the most important promotion occurred with Juan Pablo Dotti of the SEP – San Juan, because despite an inconvenience at the finish, the accumulated time in the four stages catapulted him to fourth place overall, becoming the best Argentine of the Tour of San Juan.

In the general classification, after Dotti, the best Continental is the Spanish Oscar Sevilla, from Team Medellín – EPM, located 10th; Later we found Miguel Ángel López, Sevilla’s teammate. 24th is César Nicolás Paredes, the Colombian who runs for the SEP – San Juan; 29th is Brayan Sánchez, from Team Medellín – EPM, closing the best 30, precisely in that position, the Argentine Leandro Messineo from Chimbas Te Quiero.

After a day of rest, on Friday the fifth stage will be held starting at 3:10 p.m. in a neutralized start and 3:13 p.m. in a real departure from Mendoza and Centenario streets, in Chimbas and arrival in Alto Colorado, covering 173, 7 km.

Photos: Juan Pablo Dotti, el Continental mejor ubicado, subió al tercer puesto en la general


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