Latin America | Ecuador: Caicedo and Carapaz, the brand new road champions

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The national competition was held in Tulcán, the Ecuadorian capital of cycling.

The summer season of South American cycling continues to give us great and unforgettable evenings of our beloved sport.

During the last weekend, for example, in Ecuador the national road championships for the main divisions were held.

The Ecuadorian party had its cycling capital as its epicenter. All the races were held in Tulcán, capital of the Province of Carchi.

The en route activity began on Saturday and ended the following day. On the opening day, all the individual time trial (CRI) tests were run, to leave the peloton stages for Sunday.

Jonathan Caicedo, new national champion ecuatorian the individual time trial.

Individual Time Trial (CRI):

In elite men, the great winner of the stage was Jonathan Caicedo. The 29-year-old born in Santa Martha de Cuba, current US EF Education (WT) runner, covered the 37.5 kilometers, in a final time of 45:50 seconds, with a very high average of 49 KM/H.

For the 2016 Pan-American road champion -in San Cristóbal, Venezuela-, this is his second Ecuadorian title in individual time trial. The previous one was in 2019 (when he was also a peloton road champion).

The podium was completed by Jefferson Alveiro Cepeda, from the Spanish Caja Rural, 53” behind and Jefferson Alexander Cepeda, the winner’s teammate, 1:15 seconds behind.

Online stage:

Now we move on to Sunday and what happened in the online stage. Another run like all those of the previous day. Where Olympic champion Richard Carapaz was crowned the winner before a crowd in Tulcán.

Who ran the Tour of San Juan in 2018 and 2019, covered the 178.8 KM in a time of 4:11:48 seconds. ‘La locomotora del Carchi’ (29 years old) begins 2023 with a very good victory for his record.

The leader of the EF Education of the United States, in addition to the champion of the Giro d’Italia 2019, won his first national title online; and he was accompanied on the podium by the two Cepeda cyclists. Jefferson Alveiro got second place and Jefferson Alexander third.

2023 road champions in Ecuador:

Elite Men – Line: Richard Carapaz.
Elite Men – CRI: Jonathan Caicedo.
Elite Ladies – Line: Ana Vivar.
Elite Ladies – CRI: Miryam Nuñez.
Sub 23 Men – Line: Nixon Efraín Rosero.
Sub 23 Men – CRI: Nixon Efraín Rosero.
Sub 23 Ladies – CRI: Ana Vivar.
Junior Ladies – Line: Heidi Flores.
Junior Ladies – CRI: Camila Vega.


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