María José Quiroga: “San Juan shows the world that adapted cyclists can also compete”

Jan 25, 2023 | 0 comments

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The paracyclist from San Juan throbs the fourth edition of the Inclusive Tour, to be held this Thursday during the rest day | Photography: María José Quiroga (left) and Micaela Barroso, pair of the Argentine Para-cycling Team, in the Pan American Road Championship.

Vuelta a San Juan is showing the whole world that it is more than a cycling race. Here, in this sport, the whole family is present. Sanjuaninos and Sanjuaninas live it with a lot of passion.

That love and dedication to this sport has motivated us to raise our own bar and want to be better every day a little more.

We learned this ability from people with disabilities, who daily teach us their tenacious sense of resilience and self-improvement.

In San Juan, our biggest parasports ambassador is María José Quiroga. Her nickname is Majo, she is 29 years old and she is a blind paracyclist. She represents the province and the country competing for the world. She is a San Juan, Argentine and Pan-American champion. She is a World Cup athlete on track and road.

With it we will throb what will be tomorrow, during the rest day for professionals, the fourth edition of the Inclusive Tour.

What is it about? From a cycling race, for professionals and amateurs with disabilities, who have a common denominator: love for cycling.

. Good morning, Majo! Tell us, how are you waiting for this Inclusive Tour?

– “The Inclusive Tour seems to me something spectacular. What it does is very important because San Juan shows the world that adapted cyclists can also compete and feel how beautiful it is to ride a bicycle. And have that adrenaline that only the competition can give”.

– Did you miss running it? More knowing that it occurs in your department of origin…

– “I am looking forward to this Vuelta. And much more because he is going to run in my apartment, which is Albardón. I have great expectations of how the race is going to take place, because we want with my guide Micaela Barroso to give our best, to show all the preparation that we have been doing before this Vuelta.

Because both the Women’s Tour that we had the opportunity to run, and the Inclusive Tour, will kick off the goals we have throughout the year.

Because as the slogan of this Vuelta 2023 says, San Juan is where it all begins. And for me it was like that, San Juan is where it all started because my first Inclusive Tour was in 2019 and I made it participatory.

From there I was summoned by Martín Ferrari, the coach of the national adapted cycling team. And since then I got on the bike, I was able to wear the Argentina shirt on more than one occasion and represent my San Juan around the world”.

-Finally… what are your expectations for what we will experience this Thursday?

– “This Vuelta is going to be very special because it will be the first time that I will be in the competitive part. So I just hope that many people can visualize everything that San Juan does with adapted cycling and of course that many people can attend Circuito Villicum”.

More info: San Juan is preparing for the Inclusive Tour!

More info: San Juan is preparing for the Inclusive Tour!


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