Presentation La Boca: Peter Sagan visited La Bombonera!

Dec 23, 2021 | 0 comments

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Previous to the cycle tour this Sunday, the luxury guest to Vuelta a San Juan was pleased to know the club he is fan.

Peter Sagan was very happy this Saturday afternoon when he visited La Bombonera and was applauded by Boca Junior´s fans.

The great Slovekian cyclist who traveled to Argentina to be in the presentation of Vuelta a San Juan, was present in the football club that he is passionate about.

Although cycling is his favorite sport, as it is with thousands of fans all over the world, this time there was a mixture of passions. The world champion was present in the official game between the Xeneize and Sarmiento of Junin for the first Division tournament. Boca won 2 to 0. Peter brought good luck!

At the end of the first period, Sagan was invited to the field. There he was announced in the speakers and the public applauded him so much that he will never forget.

In addition, all the Boca fans were invited again to the cycle tour with Sagan. This participatory race will take place this Sunday in La Boca.

The participants must only register and enjoy the ride. People will visit the most picturesque places of the neighborhood. Everybody is welcome!

This event is of great importance for the Vuelta a San Juan. This kind of actions expose this cycling competition, the most important of America, all over the world. We are convinced that the union between Vuelta and Boca Juniors will continue being very beneficial for the future of this passion


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