SEP San Juan and the desire for the fourth star in the Vuelta

Jan 12, 2023 | 0 comments

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Another of the teams confirmed for the 2023 edition will be the first squad from San Juan to obtain the UCI Continental license.

San Juan cycling fans will receive all the teams that participate in the 2023 Vuelta with love, warmth and passion. But they will have a special affection for the San Juan teams, which will be six in total.

One of them will be the SEP San Juan, a continental team, the first in the province to obtain such a license from the UCI. This historic event for the province occurred in the 2015 season, two years after its creation.

This team is the last to seize the main crown before the Vuelta is included in the official UCI calendars. Laureano Rosas (today in Gremios por el Deporte – Cutral Co) was the winner of the competition for three years in a row.

The leader that the SEP will have will be its current captain. Juan Pablo Dotti (38), from Buenos Aires who has lived in San Juan for years, and double winner of the Vuelta (2010 and 2012 with the Municipality of Pocito), will lead the team in the green jersey to another victory.

Will SEP be able to have revenge and win the 2023 Vuelta?


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