The 39th edition will be the most federal competition of Vuelta a San Juan

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The cycling competition will tour all the 19 districts of the province. The most relevant fact is that the bunch will ride back to Calingasta after 26 years.

Dear Vuelta a San Juan followers and fans, we are all aware of the dates, teams and main stars that will share season 2022 with us. Now, it’s time to let you know all the stages, this time being eight, of the coming edition. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Stage 1 (Sunday, January 30, 2022)
147 km; start and finish at Teatro Bicentenario

The meeting point for the start will be at Teatro Bicentenario’s doors. The bunch will join in José Ignacio de la Roza Avenue below the bridge. From that point, they’ll start the race along the same avenue and in 25 de Mayo Square, riders will turn right to take Mendoza Street up to Cirunvalación Avenue. Once there, the bunch will go towards Road 20 and ride to Difunta Correa and then retake Road 20. In Caucete, riders will go across Paula Albarracín de Sarmiento Street, both in the forward and the backward trip.

On the way back, the bunch will come back to Circunvalación Avenue and then take Road 40 to 5th Street. Taking Mendoza Street again, they’ll turn to República del Líbano Street and take Hipólito Yrigoyen Street. Finally, riders will turn right to Ignacio de la Roza Avenue and arrive at Teatro Bicentenario.

Stage 2 (Monday, January 31, 2022)
196 km; start at San Juan Villicum Circuit and finish in Barreal, Calingasta

The race will start at San Juan Villicum Circuit and will continue along Road 40 towards the North, turning left in Talacasto and taking National Road 149, which takes riders to Villa de Calingasta, Tamberías and finally to Barreal’s main square.

Stage 3 (Tuesday, February 1, 2022)
15 km Individual Time Trial; start in Ullum township and finish in Punta Negra

As in 2020, the Individual Time Trial competition will start at Ullum town square and will end at Punta Negra jetty.

Stage 4 (Wednesday. February 2, 2022)
214 km; Valle Fértil/Jáchal

Unlike previous editions, Road 150 will join Valle Fértil and Jáchal, but in this season the start will be in San Agustín de Valle Fértil and the finish line will be in San José de Jáchar after riding 214 km.

Stage 5 (Thursday, February 3, 2022)
138.7 km; start and finish at Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario

The tour will begin on Road 40 opposite to Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario. The bunch will run towards the North up to Circunvalación Avenue and turn left to Ignacio de la Roza Avenue to turn again to the West and reach Rastreador Calivar Street. Along Rastreador Calivar Street, they will reach Libertador Avenue. Then, riders will turn left racing though Marquesado and reaching Zonda, where they’ll turn and come back along the same street. Once at Circunvalación Avenue, they go to Road 20 up to Las Chacritas where they’ll turn right towards 9 de Julio and retake 11th Street to Villa Aberastain, Pocito, where they turn and take Road 40 to reach the finish line at Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario.

Stage 6 (Friday, February 4, 2022)
176 km; from San Martín Street to Alto del Colorado

The start will be at San Martín township and riders will perform the classical small tour which includes Sarmiento, Eva Perón National Street. Then, the circuit turns on Cruz Godoy Street and then turns again to the left at Sarmiento Street. Riders will ride again by the township up to National Street to turn right towards Angaco. From that point, riders will come back up to Aguilera Street and take the roundabout to reach Sarmiento Street and, then, Road 40 to finally finish in Alto del Colorado.

Stage 7 (Saturday, February 5, 2022)
175 km; Villicum

This stage will start and finish at Villicum Circuit. This circuit will begin with riders taking Road 40 to the South up to Benavides Street and turning right to Mendoza Street. The bunch will ride along Mendoza Street until Centenario Street. Once there, they will turn to Salta Street and turn again to the left to take Circunvalación Avenue. The bunch will go East and take Road 20 up to Zapata Street, in 9 de Julio. At Zapata Street, they’ll turn right, passing through 9 de Julio township and then continue along San Martín Diagonal until 11th Street. Once there, cyclists will turn to the left and reach Road 40.

Then, they’ll turn to the right up to14th Street and turn again to the right to Aberastain Street and then 11th Street, Road 40 and Circunvalación Avenue. Riders will leave this avenue behind and take Rawson Avenue, which turns into Road 40 to finally arrive at Villicum Circuit.

Stage 8 (Sunday, February 6, 2022)
146 km; Circunvalación Avenue

To crown this tour, cyclists will ride 9 rounds at Circunvalación Avenue starting and finishing at Mendoza Sur Street with a total of 146 km that will put an end to the 39th edition.


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