The Argentine National Team led the return to San Juan

Jan 23, 2023 | 0 comments

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Great job from the national team that recovered from a bad start to the race | Photography: Return to San Juan.

The good work shown in today’s stage, with Tomás Contte and Marcos Méndez in the initial wear and tear and Luka Duncic in the end, earned the Argentine National Team to move to first place among the national team qualifier, after the second stage of the Tour of San Juan.

Argentina accumulates a total time of 23:09:07, while the Italian team is in second place with an accumulated time of 23:09:40, 33 seconds behind the locals.

For its part, the Chilean team is third, 41 seconds behind Argentina. Uruguay in fourth place closes the positions among the national teams with a time of 23:45:02 hours.

Highlight the work in Italy of Monlio Moro, again in peak time, like Vicente Rojas in Chile, while Antonio Fagundez stands out in the Uruguayan team.

Fotografías: La Selección Argentina pasó a liderar la Vuelta a San Juan


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