The race that inaugurated the UCI Pro Series category will be held again

Sep 18, 2022 | 0 comments

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The 2023 edition will be the second experience of the Vuelta a San Juan in the divisional one.

To the official announcement of the date for the Vuelta a San Juan 2023, we must add another confirmed news. And that reflects the importance of this cycling competition and its growth worldwide.

It is that the 39th edition of this Argentine race will once again belong to the UCI Pro Series squad. . This is the second divisional that the International Cycling Union diagrammed to categorize their professional careers.

When the race takes place next January, it will be the second time that the Vuelta has been held in the divisional division. The first time was in 2020 and historic. Because this category was inaugurated that year. And the San Juan competition was in charge of inaugurating the cycle.

San Juan is where it all begins and it is a city that is very important for Latin American cycling. Because it is here, in Argentina, where the only UCI Pro Series road cycling race in that region is run.

Cycling fans wait with expectation for teams of all categories and national teams.


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