The UCI Continental Miguel Ángel López was consolidated in the first position

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“Superman” reaches the definition of the race with a 30-second advantage over his escort | Photography: Vuelta a San Juan.

The continentals are always available to put on a show. They have done so throughout the competition and therefore, it was not surprising that in the initial break of the race, there were several cyclists in this category on fire: Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP SAN JUAN), Emiliano Ibarra (GUILDS FOR SPORTS), Mauro Richeze (CHIMBAS TE QUIERO), Rafael Lourenço (AP HOTEL&RESORT – TAVIRIA) and Gerardo Tivani (Virgen de Fátima – San Juan Biker – Electro 3).

These cyclists did not have the chance to fight for leading positions in the general classification but they did have the chance to continue fighting for the bonuses of the meta sprints. San Juan native Gerardo Tivani kept the two sprints while the two mountain ones went to Juan Pablo Dotti. In this way, the Italian Manuele Tarozzi assures the general of this specialty, taking into account that in the last stage there will be no mountain to climb.

After traveling through Rivadavia, Ullum, climbing up to the wall of the Punta Negra Dam, the leading group began the descent where they remained together with two more cyclists. Having just over thirty kilometers to go, they were neutralized by the majority peloton.

The highlight is that the leader of the general, the Colombian Miguel Ángel López, was always well cared for by his teammates. In the definition of the stage the best Continental was the Ecuadorian Cristian Pita, from the team Banco Guayaquil in 13th place, Christofer Jurado from Panama is Culture and Values finished 15th, one place behind was Laureano Rosas from Gremios por el Deporte – Cutral Có; 18th was Steven Haro from Banco Guayaquil, 19th Ricardo Escuela de Municipalidad de Pocito.

In the overall, the best UCI Continental is none other than the overall leader Miguel Ángel “Superman” López. 6th is César Paredes of SEP San Juan; 11th Leandro Messineo, from Chimbas Te Quiero; 14th Juan Pablo Dotti, from SEP San Juan.

The last stage of the Vuelta a San Juan is going to be this Sunday, with seven turns around Avenida de Circunvalación. The start and finish point are going to be in front of the bridge over Mendoza street. It will have 112 kilometers, starting the competition at 5:15 pm.

Photography: The UCI Continental Miguel Ángel López was consolidated in the first position


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