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Vuelta a San Juan 2022: A great night welcomes the competition

Nov 24, 2021 | 0 comments

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Teatro Bicentenario, a luxurious stage, was the host of the presentation gala. Peter Sagan was the main star during this emotive event.

Friends from around the world, we have presented the 39th edition of Vuelta a San Juan! Honestly, we are really excited since the countdown has started, and we’ll meet again soon, here in San Juan, where everything begins.

This night joins other memorable episodes of the cycling competition. Vuelta a San Juan offered and enjoyed a dream presentation gala.

The ceremony took place at the legendary Teatro Bicentenario. At 8 pm, all the guests were ready to enjoy the night.

Authorities, riders, media and many more people waited anxiously for the opening.

Talking about news, the organization leaders mentioned the information regarding Vuelta a San Juan 2020 teams, stars and stages.

Afterwards, a play was performed related to the race, that left all the guests wide-eyed!

Counting down the days to the big one!


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